Venturing is a coed program for young adults ages 13 (and have completed the 8th grade) through 20 that Venturing’s motto, “Lead the Adventure,” reminds Venturers to always pursue life in the spirit of adventure. There are currently 158,000 Venturers and 58,000 adult volunteers in the United States.

Venturers discover a world of excitement full of heart-pounding adventure and far-off travel, while they develop a lifestyle of genuine friendship and caring for others. From experiencing the thrill of zip lining and the accomplishment of summiting challenging peaks, to the heart-pounding charge of whitewater rafting and the thrill of scuba diving, in Venturing friends have the time of their lives while learning about life, together.



Crew 192
Bellmore Presbyterian Church

Committee Chair: Jonathan Andrew Spohrer
Phone: 516-783-7994

Advisor: Richard Czarnecki
Phone: 516-679-1774


Crew 577
American Legion Post 1749

Committee Chair: John Bloniarz
Phone: 516-317-4647

Advisor: Michael Sarlo
Phone: 516-785-8276