Since I have known Paul, his commitment to the program was unrelenting. From Unit Commissioner, Roundtable staff member, Pow Wow staff member, and Webmaster of, your commitment to the Boys' of Pequott District is the reason why Scouting is alive and well here in our district. Your contributions to our District and Scouting will never be forgotten. It was a pleasure working with you Paul and may you rest in peace.

7/26/04 - Anthony Munoz, Senior District Executive, Pequott District

Paul taught me a lot about Scouting. I was always amazed at his energy and the level of his commitment. I told him on several occasions that I wished I were capable of doing the things he did in Scouting. That was before he taught me to take care of this district website - his favorite pet project. Now I have even more respect for his contribution! He loved that everyone used and enjoyed this site. I hope it lives forever. It is true that Paul gave much to Scouting, but it is also true that with this website, Pequott Paul will continue to contribute to Scouting for many years to come. I found the music that is playing in an old folder on the site that Paul had created to hold the pictures of him in the Big Derby Car, and at Wood Badge. The song is actually titled In My Life, but, strangely enough in the folder on the web server, the title reads "See You In Heaven"! God Bless You, Paul!

7/26/04 - Russ Rozea, Webmaster,

Paul and I did many things together. We camped with our boy's at Cub Parent Weekends and Webelos Woods. We trained as Commissioners together. We took NE-121 together. We served together on the Cub Roundtable staff just to name a few. To lose one i knew so well at such a young age is nothing short of a tragedy. The best way i know to hold true to Paul's memory is to keep my last promise to him, To see that his son James attains the Rank of Eagle; this is something James is determined to do.

7/26/04 - Rob Walker Committee Chair Troop 656

Paul was one of those people who made you want to continue belonging and contributing to Scouting. His enthusiasm about Scouting was contagious. When I signed up to attend Wood Badge I was a little concerned about attending by myself and not knowing anyone who was part of the course, but then I found out that Paul was going as well. What a fun time we had on NE-II-121. It was a privilege to receive my Wood Badge beads on the same night as Paul - he was excited to hear that I had finished my tickets and helped to clear the way for me to receive the beads on the same night. When he learned of his sickness and was in need of help - it was the spirit of scouting that caused so many people to pitch in. Paul was a very courageous person and kept his sense of humor through very difficult days. I'll never forget him and am sure that all of his scouting friends are going to help his son James along the way. Be at peace, Paul.

7/26/04 - Gracemarie Rozea, NE-II-121 Beaver Patrol, Cubmaster Pack 339

God Bless Paul Dondero for who he was and for making such a POSITIVE impact in so many young boy's lives. I knew him only a short year or so but quickly came to admire his devotion to Scouting. He will be sorely missed. May he rest in Eternal Peace.

7/28/04 - Jim Gabberty 156/1

When I first started going to roundtable, I couldn't understand who this man was, jumping from place to place, climbing on chairs and practically climbing the walls to take pictures. There was no hiding from his camera. When I saw some of the pictures that Paul had posted after the Pow Wow of 2002, I asked him quietly if he could remove one of me. What I saw and he saw in the same picture were totally different. He taught me that I needed to take myself a little less seriously. After having a little fun , taking a vote at roundtable, he agreed to remove the picture. He captured so many of us in different ways; having fun, working hard or just making fools of ourselves. For that I will always remember him.

8/12/04 - Barbara Arnold Pack 66/DL

Reflecting on this man Paul it really has been quite an experience and a lesson in human goodness. I really do have to admit when I first saw him (from afar) I thought he was a little, well crazy. I never really got to know him and his love of Scouting until he signed on to NE-II-121 (Wood Badge) and became a fellow Bobwhite. As I watched him (and others too) during that experience I was just fascinated by his sheer compassion and willingness to help others, not to take center stage (unless called upon), and his strong belief in Scouting's ideals. At the end of the course I knew I had been blessed. That relationship continued up through and during his bout with a terrible illness. But even then, I was amazed at his inner strength that kept him going through it all. One visit to his bedside in particular I will always treasure. He was that day not in the best of spirits and having the usual difficulties. Communication was labored at best. But when he spotted my Wood badge activity shirt on he broke into one of those special Paul smiles - big as a bear (sorry). His wife immediately sent for his Wood Badge baseball cap and put it on - another big smile. Scouting and all that he experienced meant so much to him as he did to all of us. I can only imagine that now he's trying to get the guy upstairs to start roundtables or a new pack or something. I will miss his companionship, his spirit, and his smile. Someday we will meet again and have a chuckle over this I think but that is for another day. For now, sov i ro Paul and bless all that you were, are, and will always be.

Sov i ro Paul!

8/20/04 - Carl

This is the first time I have gotten to a computer all summer. First, I want to thank Paul's family for letting them allow Paul to come out and play with us crazy Pequott's (he fit right in). It is to say there will never be another Paul, is to say that the sky is blue, the kindness that he gave to everyone he met on his travels (in and out of scouting) always made them feel warm inside just taking to them. It was my honor to have received my Wood Badge beads with Paul in June 2003 at Wantagh Park and he will always be in my heart. God Bless you Paul!

9/1/04 - Kathy Gattung 

Paul had the energy and commitment to scouts that made me more interested in getting involved, and more able to say "yes" to getting silly and putting the fun in scouting. He was a friend to my family at Webelos Woods, when our son was the only boy from our pack to attend and he taught us to think outside the box in building contraptions to lug stuff into camp. He was always so ready to give a positive attitude to scouts, that I will always try to remember and honor him by doing the same.

10/18/04 - Connie Costanzo, Den Leader, Pack 581, Seaford 

Recently, I was going through some photos in preparation of our upcoming Blue & Gold when I came across a photo of Paul at the controls of his laptop from the District Pinewood Derby. I showed the photo to my son and told him that's the guy who printed your certificate for 'Fastest Red Wedge'. We shared a laugh remembering how his car didn't even place yet everyone is a winner in Cub Scouts. I hardly knew Paul, except for an occasional roundtable or district derby but the dedication and labor of love he brought to scouting was obvious and appreciated. Today lets give thanks for Paul, his enduring spirit and the legacy he leaves us. May the Dondero family find peace during the holidays and through the upcoming year.

11/25/04 - Tony Costa, WL, Pack 225

When I think of scouting there are so many memories. My son is now 12 and I remember attending training and then roundtable as the new kid on the block. It wasn't long before we had our own little support group of Rob walker, Paul and myself to follow the old Pequott's to go forward and cause trouble. We did that each month on those Tuesday's of roundtable and had so much fun. We each got more involved by saying "yes, Sure I can" Now we belong to the Nov. POW Wow's Paul and Rob were FRICK and Frack to those close to them. On our Woodbadge, we were going to be together however we were all in different groups, it didn't matter we were Pequott's! (I'm lazy) and the truck to load the luggage was a little away from my campsite so Paul and I pushed it a little closer and laughed. Paul opened his heart and soul to you and was always a friend. I pray for his family and those who have the pleasure of knowing him. He is at peace watching over us and saying "Go to" This is the first time I'm on the computer and It is a honor to speak about Paul. Russ you are doing a great job on this website. Paul is loving it I'm sure.

1/12/05 - Cookie (Constance) Kershaw/Troop341/Pack96 Asst.Cubmaster and Tiger Den Leader (again!)